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GrayLine Snæfellsnes National Park

Snæfellsnes National Park

As Jules Verne’s timeless classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth begins in Snæfellsnes, so will our adventure. It is a place of great historical importance and captivating landscapes. Black sand beaches, formidable cliffs, regal mountains, volcanic craters and Snæfellsjökull glacier.

17.800 ISK
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2 Day Snaefellsnes Peninsula & West Iceland Lava Cave

On this unique two-day winter tour around the Snæfellsnes peninsula, you will get to see a variety of amazing Icelandic landscape. Often called the Miniature Iceland, many diverse attractions and natural wonders come together in Snæfellsnes peninsula. Glaciers, majestic waterfalls, black and golden beaches, lava fields and caves, small fishing villages,

56.000 ISK