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Whether you are only visiting Iceland for a few hours, few days or few weeks, the best way to see it is with your personal friend in Iceland. All of our service can be tailored to your ideas, and the time you have available. We will be there from day one, whether you need to be picked up from the airport or hotel, and to assist with your stay in Iceland.

Be where you want to be, and do what you want to do

With your ideas, and our collected experience, a local friend will show you more attractions than the usual traveller, giving you more time to have fun! Your friend is by far the best option for seeing not only the famous places and tourist attractions, but also the hidden corners of our wonderful country.

Wherever you would like to visit, we can help you. Experience Iceland through the eyes of your local friend and advisor. We can customize your trip to Iceland. We are only a phone call away!

Your new friends in iceland:

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We are located in the City Center of Reykjavik just by the harbour

Friend in Iceland
Geirsgata 7a
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Tel. +354 583 88334

Drop in for coffie and plan your next adventure



Gunnar Sigurdsson, or Gus among friends, has worked as theatre director and filmmaker, as well as greeting travelers here in Iceland for the past 20 years.

He knows and understands his country very well, whether it is the bustle of city life or the peace of the beautiful Icelandic country side. Gunnar has has a vast experience of organising conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as various activities for any group size. Gunnar is a wonderful storyteller; being a true Icelander, he understands the history that makes the Island the magical place that it is. 

So if you need scouting for good place to film or take photos he is a good friend If you need some help with organizing your trip short or long he is a good friend.Contact Gunnar if you need the perfect location for film or photographic work. Gunnar is not your only friend in Iceland, he opens up to you his network of friends, some of who you can see here on the right.

Whatever your needs, Gunnar is the friend you will need to meet!



Jen is our Asian Specialist and Sales Manager. She is most enthusiastic about helping our customers. Please feel free to visit our webpage in the Chinese language or give her a call. 

邮箱 jen@friend.is
skype jw31239579

QQ 2025722994
手机号 +354 8213986
办公室 +354 5838833


Agust has worked in planning and development and loves to drive and guide around Iceland. He always tries to find interesting places to explore. He likes to travel him self and is often found in the gym.


Anna has worked in planning events for many years and loves to travel around Iceland. She is often seen laughing and almost always in a good mood. She fell in love with Iceland and moved here to be closer to the people and places she likes so much.

+7 926 255 71 53