Northern Lights





3-4 hours


✓ Car / minibus
✓ Driver / guide

Blue Lagoon
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✓ No fixed location, the location varies depending on the aurora forecast

Private Northern Lights in a comfortable car or a minibus

Private Tour

1-4 pax – ISK 60.000
5-7 pax – ISK 70.000
8-16 pax – ISK 98.000

Rates are based per vehicle
Luigi De Filippis
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Tour Description

Join us on a Northern Lights hunt in a comfortable car or a minibus and watch the lights dancing across the sky.

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis as they are often called are caused by electric particles originating from the sun that are blown into the cosmos by sun storms and as they get trapped in Earth’s magnetic field, they can often be seen as vibrant light of different shapes and colors dancing before you in the sky. Although, The Northern Lights can be viewed from late August until April, the prime time is from October to March. The auroral display is predominately green, however the Northern Ligths can appear in alternative colors, including blue, pink, yellow and orange.

Visibility of the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed, it depends on certain conditions. Although, the lights can sometimes be seen from the city, we highly recommend taking a tour, as the city lights interfere with the visibility. Before starting the Northern Light hunt, our expert team will view the aurora forecast to find the optimal location in attempt to spot the lights.

Keep in mind that the return time may vary and that sighting can never be guaranteed.

Pick-up /drop-off:

Start time 22 PM at your hotel or designated bus stop / flexible time at request

Friend in Iceland office is located at Geirsgata 7a, 101 Reykjavik

What is included:

Bus/car ride, driver guide.

For more information contact: gus@friend.is


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